Buhay Buhay sa Cuyo


Dadi ko lamang akita oman ang video nga dia. Ag bisita ako sa buhay sa Cuyo ang 2013 kung ara ako ikakamali.

Mambeng sa leba i selengen nga mi mga isda kita piro mapongaw nga indi kita kasamit ay aga diritso sa ibang lugar for export.

No ill will. just saying….




Trip to Balading Cuyo Palawan

So, we went to Balading (aka Bisucay) Cuyo Palawan Phillipines and visited less than a hundred elementary pupils on September 2018.

Thanks to my wife, my family, cousins and my best friend for supporting this mini trip by all means.

What is so special about it? Seeing kids happy over small meals or snacks gathering and sharing some inspirations, changes my vision in life. The individual school supplies we’ve distributed were highly appreciated and it made me even more inspired to give back.

But more importantly, we’ve met a young kid who’s about to go blind due to Cataract. And AGAIN, with the help of my family and friends both here in Canada and in the Philippines, we were able to send him to Puerto Princesa City for a Surgery.

He is scheduled tomorrow March 7th to be exact.

I will update you here as soon as the surgery is over and, if the parents agrees to disclose their privacy. But for now, let’s just pray for a successful one so that he could have a brighter future.

P.S. Thanks to the Principal and all teachers of Balading  Elementary School for their positive response and very warm welcome. We will come back!!!


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This is your end

Mi Amerikano nga ag patopi sa Cuyo. Datong tapos den ang manig topi, makon tana sa kano, “Sir this is your end” hahaha dalagan ang kano ara kabayad sa anang ka’adlek.

Tambay sa Baybay

cuyo pier

Ma’ambeng ag edeng sa kilid ang babay maintras malinaw ig madalem ang dagat. Kakabel problima hehe.

Ang ladawan sa u’bong ay ang Pantalan ang Cuyo bel sa kilid ang babay kung sadin mi aga pang tosik 😀