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#In Cuyo Palawan 3 – Anono dia?


Anono dia? ay Dawat gali!

In Cuyo Palawan, we don’t say ano ito?, we say it the right way, anono dia? meaning, what is this? – And Cuyo Press think, it’s not painful if you say it right.

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#In Cuyo Palawan 2


We don’t say ingat, we say amblig and we think it’s really beautiful. Sa Cuyo Palawan, amblig ang ameng bisara, beken i’ Ingat.

Amblig means take care.



#In Cuyo Palawan


Sa Cuyo Palawan masengnad beken maga saing ang matandes nga bisara. Meaning to cook rice. And Cuyo Press think its unique and wonderful.


Cuyonon useful phrases

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