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Pasamoro ag partisipar digi?

Darwa ka paagi…

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Amblig kaw Kulas

Kulas is a Canadian who travel around Philippines and his goal is to share happiness. Isn’t it nice?

So why am I posting it here? Two words, “Amblig kaw” (Take care). It’s a very profound words in Cuyonon dialect expressed deeply with care.

Check out his blog here

Studyanteng Putagan

Maistra: Ay kaw Roger sigi lamang imong ka putag, ara kaw pag seled sa History. Abir samitan ko imong abilidad. “Sino ateng pambansang bayani?”

Roger: “Ma’am si Dr. Jose Rizal”

Maistra: “Aka tsamba ka lamang”

Roger: “Ma’am ikaw mi kilalang Sonia?”

Maistra: “Ara, sino re’man dan?”

Roger: “Aylam… anang kabit imong asawa. Maredan, sigi lamang imong katuro ara kaw pag putag”

Amblig kaw – Take care

I just heard Kulas saying Amblig kaw 🙂 , music to my ears!!! For those who do not know Kulas, he is from Canada who travel around the world, and for the most part, Philippines. He goes by the Pinoy name “Kulas”… as in mang Kulas pabili nga ng Tsinelas.

I have so much respect for this guy, not because he lives in the Philippines but also he brings a lot of positive energy. You can check out his blog here

Ayos! as he always say… Super apir Kulas 🙂

Message me if you happen to be in Toronto 😉