A photo to remember

cuyonon1Taken in 1945 after the Americans came back to the Philippines.  This was in Puerto Princesa during a parade review of the Philippine Army.  Sixth from left in the front row is Mr. San Juan, school superintendent.  Second from left in Row 2 is Theresa Herrera.   Fourth in Row 2 is your aunt Luming Asuncion, then me and Vaney Valencia and a girl named Nieves (or was that her lastname, not sure).  Last on Row 2 is Rosie Castro.  I don’t remember the names of the others.  Maybe somebody will.  Still get teary-eyed for those days.

Courtesy of Milagros Delgado Zabala-Sylvester Paagi ki Kilikog.

3 thoughts on “A photo to remember

  1. kilikog

    Ing rerekumenda ko ra sa tanang Palaweno na mag bisita ra sa Buddy Mendoza’s World War 11 museum sa Bangcao-Bangcao, PPC



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