Sera: English – Cuyonon

English: Blanched green leafy with crushed tomato in preserved salted sea food

Cuyonon: Ugbos ang Kamoti nga mi pinesang Kamatis

English: Fish fillet de el ninyo

Cuyonon: Daing nga bararawan

26 thoughts on “Sera: English – Cuyonon

  1. Lato

    ENGLISH: Pork/Fish slow boiled in vinegar with onion, peeper and season with a bit of salt…(Okra, eggplant, string beans-added optionals) .

    CUYONON: Paksiw nga isda o baboy…


  2. Kilikog

    Inglis: Steamed baby lobster with green onions marinated with butter
    Cuyonon: Nilagang pitik

    Inglis: Grilled baby back ribs
    Cuyonon: nilegeb na kostilyas

    Inglis: Blanched green leafy pepper sauteed on coconut milk with winter melon. Choice of mild, medium or spicy
    Cuyonon: Laing

    Inglis: Smoked salmon
    Cuyonon: Tinapan

    Inglis: Green cassava leaves, tomatoes, onions fish soup with fresh green mango flavoring.
    Cuyonon: Tinola


  3. Kilikog

    Inglis: Bloody Mary
    Cuyonon: Dinugwan

    Inglis: Salted dried fish fried on vegetable oil, fried eggs (Scrambled or over easy) with garlic fried rice on the side.
    Cuyonon: Dasilog (Isda, sinanlag, itlog)

    Inglis: Anchovy
    Cuyonon: Ginames

    Cuyonon: Buti’-buti’
    Inglis: Pop corn

    Inglis: Minced steamed stingray, sauteed in white wine, garlic, onions, winter melon and tomatoes springkled with black pepper (served as appetizer)
    Cuyonon: Kinunot


  4. Kilikog

    INGLIS: Fish head soup flavored with Mama Sita (Tamarind, tomato, onion powder) and fresh (talbos ng camote)

    CUYONON: Pamanman


  5. Kilikog

    Inglis: Rice pudding braised in coconut meat and sugar served as dessert
    Cuyonon: Palitaw

    Inglis: Grilled sun dried salted herring with diced tomatoes and onions on the side
    Cuyonon: Tuyo’


  6. Lato

    Inglis: worm of the day…

    Cuyonon: Tamilok…

    Inglis: Spaghetti like seafood delicacy.. can be eaten raw dip in vinegar boiled or fired…

    cuyonon: Wakwak


  7. Kilikog

    INGLIS: Pan fried chinese noodles with sauteed mixed vegies, pork, chicken dipped in oyster sauce
    CUYONON: Pansit

    INGLIS: Chicken flavored noodle soup served hot, mild or spicy skyflakes crackers included.
    CUYONON: Tsiken Nodel

    INGLIS: Choice of any two items, rice and soup included, additional rice or soup (50 cents)
    CUYONON: Kombinasyon



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