CP101: Tribes of Palawan

Sigon ki Mr. Wiki, ang Palaweños ay…

Native-born lowland dwellers (calling themselves Palaweños, much to the amusement and distress of the original tribal groups, such as the Palawan who are called Palawano by outsiders) include the CuyunonAgutayanon sub-groups. The Cuyunons, originally from the island town of Cuyo in northern Palawan, are considered the elite class in this group. They are religious, disciplined and have a highly developed community spirit. Their conversion to Christianity has led to the merger of the animistic beliefs of the Cuyunon with the Christian elements to produce a folk Christianity which is the prevailing belief of the Cuyunon.[4] The Agutayanons practice a simpler island lifestyle, with fishing and farming as their main source of livelihood.

Tribes of Palawan

1 thought on “CP101: Tribes of Palawan

  1. Lato

    aroy ang ka tinglo ang article nga dia… basipang indi ra ag “tarem ateng gilit” kung kitang mga ag alin sa cuyo ay mga elite ay dan ang article nga dia ing compare siguro ang una pa… dadi tanang palaweno poro ren edukado tenged sa teknolohia…
    basta ako orig nga cuyonon… ing bata ig ag kulay sa cabigsing ig ing kaka dengeg ko dia maski dige ako ren sa ibang banwa aga pangabui…



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