Isdang Cuyo

Ladawan i’ Bulalo – Isdang Cuyo ig sa Cuyo enged lamang mi isdang tulad dia ka labas. Ministir tang ipabogal sa tanan. Ig basipang maski ara ren ateng lawas, kasamit pa ang madarason nga hinirasyon i’ isdang tulad dia ka labas. – Ig dan dipindi ren lamang sa mga aka gorang sa truno bago daya manong Badong?

Ara ko lamang napakimani si Bulals kung dia dawi sa kawil o sa maling pa’agi!- Ano sa indong seleng? – Marake kami reng akapaskin nga mga ladawan digi, inaling alaktawan indo, kablita indo lamang dia.

Kung ikaw mi Gegmang mabael sa ateng banwang Palawan in General…. PLEASE SIGN the Petition here AT YOUR OWN RISKS.

Here’s a glimpse…..

This petition is to once and for all eradicate illegal fishing in the islands of Palawan as one of Philippine’s hidden paradise. The use of cyanide has been prevalent and have killed a vast array of corals where beautiful fishes live and enjoy their God-given freedom to exist.

Palawan’s snorkeling adventures is one of the most exciting experiences we had decades ago, but the coral reefs are disappearing because of these illegal practices that are, more often than not, protected and backed up by local government officials and other enforcement agencies who should have been watching and guarding our endangered ecology.

We are appealing to the Philippine government through the initiative of the honorable ladies and gentlemen of the Philippine Congress to please once and for all eradicate illegal fishing and have the law thrust its teeth irregardless of the ones involved.

Will our future generations have something to embrace, study and observe upon when the adults of today wouldn’t care less because of selfishness and lack of discipline? When will these damnable methods of fishing come to an end? It is now high time for all our law-making bodies and enforcers to strictly impose the law before our future generations will condemn and blame our present leaders.

The world is keeping an eye and we, the petitioners who love the Philippines as “Pearl of the Orient Seas,” do the same.

Again, sign-in at your own risks here. – Masala kamo anay mabakal ako lamang Asukar 🙂


7 thoughts on “Isdang Cuyo

  1. Barutan

    Bans, mapaelam ako lamang, pwede dia i share? Ang iba moro ara ra CP…aga oma sa luyo, apang lamang na makita nanda dia, mamanandem nanda ang taga :anda”


  2. Barutan

    Bans, salamat…Bulals, con adin ka man dadi, pwede mashare imong inspa post nga dia? Medio masab y paatoan y ang tamalarong sanda ang katumbal na kitikot, tapos ang kanen ang bagong pantek na monan…abaw ang kasabor ingan y andemen ang ona sa oma pa lamang ateng pagkabetang.



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