Cuyonon Baragatan 2009 Scheds & Programme

August 30th
SSS Livelihood Trade Center
East Avenue, Quezon City


  1. To preserve and promote the Cuyono culture, heritage and language
  2. To promote a closer bond among Cuyonons despite being far away from home
  3. To contribute to the upliftment of  Cuyo
  4. To give recognition to deserving Cuyonons for their remarkable achievements to make our country and the world a better place to live;   worthy of emulation and inspiration  to the younger Cuyonon  generations
  5. This organization is and shall always remain apolitical

MOTTO: I shall do my part because, WHAT IF I CAN MAKE A  DIFFERENCE?


Chairman: Ms. Dell Lucero-Magtoto
Vice Chairman on Ways and Means: Ms. Emie Lucero
Invitation: Ms.Jing dela Torre-Ikehara and Mr. Nestor Venturillo
Programme: Ms. Nanette Pediapco-Trampe and Ms. Aiza P. Belen
Food and Drinks: Engr. Tony dela Torre and Ms. Merly dela Torre
Logistics:Mr. Gil Belen
Physical Arrangement & Security: Mr. Cesar Lucero and Mr. Ricky Tomines
Other Members:Judge Ofel Santamaria and Dir. Dante Nico Garcia



  • Holy Mass

Part II

  • National Anthem: Ms. Aiza Belen
  • Cuyo March: Steering Committee with Bulyaw Mariguen Band
  • Opening Remarks: Ms. Delia Lucero-Magtoto, Chairman, Steering Committee
  • Song Number  “Toting”: Bulyaw Mariguen Band
  • Cuyonon Dance Pondo- Pondo
  • Cuyonon Song Number:Ms. Imee Garcellano
  • Parlor Games: Mss.  Merle dela Torre/Emie Lucero/Aiza Belen & Mr. Cesar Lucero
  • Group Yourselves: Per Barangay, Per Batch, Per Pariente
  • Trip to Cuyo
  • Most Unique and Original Cuyonon Song
  • Oldest Attendee
  • VERSO contest
  • Pintuin Mo; Paoli Ra
  • Dance for ALL!!
  • Introduction of Baragatan Cuyunon Baragatan Foundation: Engr. Tony dela Torre
  • Alakayo Time!!!
  • (Ara masilag kung mapungitan kaw!)
  • Cuyonon Song Original Compositions: Bulyaw  Mariguen Band
  • Ballroom Dancing… Sing… Sing… Sing!!!
  • Cuyonon Trivia: Ms. Jing dela Torre- Ikehara

HOSTS : Ms. Nanette  Pedapco -Trampe and Mr. Gil B. Belen

5 thoughts on “Cuyonon Baragatan 2009 Scheds & Programme

  1. banbanen Post author


    I was adviced by Petrona on behalf of the whole committee nga ang mga studyante gali P’WIRA sa aga MASTERAL ay mi discount. 300 PHP ren lamang kono ang andang patad basta mi VALID ID. Uliten ko… VALID ID


  2. Lato

    hello mga committes…basipang magdayon dayon da ang matinlong idea nga dia…sis akeng patron tiket gali ipadara ko ki chairman this week as per you tex ako lamang kung kabetang ko ren sa bangko..dan 10min lamang pwede mo ren y withdraw… doro akong busy sa opis animan…goodluck sa mga challenges ig dige ako lamang sa luyo maski maraye ako..pwede indo y video ig ipadara indo dige???pwede ako ra ag donate y prices return trip sa cuyo he he he…


    1. bagasay

      return trip sa cuyo aboard birok….hahaha! extinct den dan, bubuin ta para sa prize. saben ngani mga bata dadi ara kasapo kung anono dato.


      1. Lato

        salamat bags..manda tama kaw as always parti sa birok..siguro mas matinlo y splikar mo dige kung anono ang birok is sadin ing gagamit..

        parti sa price seryoso ako..isarang paagi nga makatabang kami maski maraye…return trip sa barko sagot ko.tag pira baya dadi para ipadara ko sa madali..labi pa ren nga marapit den ang sem break tamang tama..



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