Ploning Adin Ka Ren (Official MV of Bulyaw Mariguen) – Released

Bulyaw Mariguen is the Cuyonon’s version of the game (karawat) hide and seek wherein one player is designated to be the “it” or seeker (budi) and the other players find a place to hide in the wild (mariguen).
The game starts with the seeker covering his/her eyes and chanting bawal ag-upot sa marapit (hiding near the seeker is prohibited)…until the other players find a good place to hide. The seeker then looks for the other players and when he/she finds one of them, the seeker holds on to him/her and shouts BULYAW MARIGUEN!!! The person that the seeker finds becomes the new “it”.
Bulyaw Mariguen was popular among the Cuyonons during the time that electricity in the island of Cuyo, Palawan, Philippines was cut at midnight and brought back only at around 6 in the morning.  In between those times, Cuyonons start playing BULYAW MARIGUEN guided by the light reflected by the moon. Come 1998, the game started losing its popularity due to  more stable electrical supply in Cuyo and also due to the influx of technology (bringing more games that can be played indoors).
The Cuyono rock band BULYAW MARIGUEN chose this name to remind their listeners of a certain part of the Cuyono culture that is no longer in the vocabulary of young Cuyonos. Such a name is symbolic of the band’s drive to instill a sense of love for their own Cuyono culture to the young Cuyonos through means that are both entertaining and enriching.

Special Thanks to Joey Fabello a.k.a. Baryada and company sa adang patikaseg – “Betangan ta’ bisarang Cuyonon anono man ang ateng prodokto” sigon ki joey nga ing bisara na sa inglis sa anang mataged nga video clip kasangdagon.

Ang Bulyaw Mariguen ay katabid sa June 16 sa Baragatan Cuyono Rock Night. Sa ibabaw i dan mi 1000 original CD’s sanda ren nga aka pal’wa nga mi seled nga 13 ka mga kantang Cuyonon. Siguro makokon ko ron lamang nga maman den ang bagong generation Cuyonon songs.

Dagi ang link sa site ang Bulyaw Mariguen – LONG LIVE CUYONONS – CHEERS

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