C.P. feat. Katherine Jack

Katherine Jack was born in London in 1979. She did European Studies with Russian Trinity College, Dublin including a year in Moscow. In 2002, she graduated with a first and went to work for Geographical Society in London. In 2003, she went on to do an internship with Magnum Photos.

In 2004 Katherine went to Palawan Island, the Philippines to work on Tubbataha Reef conservation project as a research diver, photographer and writer for the World Wildlife Fund. She now works freelance and her articles and photographs have been published in British and Philippine newspapers and magazines including the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “People of Palawan”, the latest exhibition of her photographic work was held in January-February at the European Commission, London SW1.

Source: www.katjack.net
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4 thoughts on “C.P. feat. Katherine Jack

  1. banbanen

    i quote ko lamang dia’ng ing kon ni KatJack…

    “looking at Cuyo today it is clear that, although the Spanish have left a strong imprint on the culture, there are still many elements which are uniquely Cuyonon.”

    Kanana mismo dan ag alin, kitang mga Cuyonon mi unique Identity dan lamang dapat indi ta’y pabayang madura.


  2. Karatongan

    Kat is a good friend of the family and November of last year, she had an exhibit of those Baragatan works at Dang Maria’s, one of our restaurants. Ang babaing dia dorong ka leban ig mababa i leba. Anang special friend as isarang Cuyonon nga artist — ig makokon kong Cuyonon nga dorong ka proud nga tana Cuyonon.

    Banbanen, aliag kong ishare kanimo anang ing kon i ang diponto former Governor of Palawan, si Manong Badong Socrates atetenged sa mga Cuyonon. Makon tana ang Cuyonon mababa i leba, maderep, ig matenten. And isarang ogali nga anang ing tawan i importansya ay ang atetenged sa pasonaid. Kong sa ininglis — maman den sigoro dato ang ingkokong ’empathy’. The ability to put oneself – in another’s situation.

    Andan kitang manga Cuyonon — mag tas ateng kinaelaman ig magamit ta ang kinaelaman nga dia para mapayad-ayad ang kaboi i ateng mga kasimanoa.

    Mi special nga quality nga nakikita si Kat sa manga Cuyonon — kong anono ang mga qualities nga dia — papakimanan ko, pakisedsedan ko enged kong anono ang manga dato.


  3. banbanen

    Karatongan dan mandan maman anang point nga patago ang anang article kung ako ang mag intindi. Anyway, paret ako kanimo, abir pakimani ngani manda.


  4. aripuros

    wowwwww!!! world class talaga ang mga cuyonon… maski ading lugar magpakon durong ing titingluan sa cuyo.. makokon isarang tao nga arang pag guegma sa ating lugar ang mismong aga rangga sa ating lugar.. astig ang exhibit ni katherine jack..the best!!!



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