6 thoughts on “Cuyonon! Palawan Music – SINIKA

  1. Joey Fabello

    hello! just to give due acknowledgment, this video was made by Jason Laxamana aka sisigman in youtube. Jason is a language advocate, he was the one who gave me the message i posted earlier in this site regarding the decline of the use of native languages in their respective areas of supposed usage.

    He was also asking me if Sinika would allow NU Rock here in manila to play the songs of Sinika. Is there a visitor of this site who knows the contact number of Mr. Nonoy Lanzanas or any member of Sinika?

    Thank you very much…

    Joey Fabello


  2. bagasay

    joey, i was part of sinika when they were starting and so were the kids of karatongan. i will inform nonoy about your idea. i’m sure he will welcome it. elat-elat lamang sa madarason nga adlaw.


  3. bagasay

    banz, selenga sa cover ang tape nga latong cuyo. ang mga drowing ngani doto nga rirek sa enasan kanaken da. aroy, agkasala ako roman, pasensia kung agpabogal ako.


  4. Joey Fabello

    hello bagasay!i just passed by NU 107 this afternoon and I gave one of the dj’s a copy of Sinika’s songs.

    i just want to ask, where can i buy the latong cuyo album?thank you.



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