Mike Visited Cuyo

Last January of this year an Aussie named Mike Wright visited Cuyo Palawan Philippines. He said a lot of positive things about our town. And I love it! Here’s an excerpt of his report…

Cuyo Town is very clean, plenty of shops with the basics, even a homemade ice cream parlour. There was no litter around, and the shops and houses were well maintained. I received a few “hello Joe” greetings, but always with a smile. English is widely spoken and spoken well. People were genuinely interested in what you thought of Cuyo, and several people were at pains to point out how safe Cuyo was, with” no crime, no NPA, no Abu Sayaff”.

Thanks Mike for your good thoughts about Cuyo. Indeed, Cuyo now is not like before, although it’s always fair to say that it is safer compared to other municipalities of Palawan.

I’ve been in Quezon Palawan way back 1999. I worked there as a Project Secretray of the Philippine National Red Cross Integrated Community Disaster Planning Program, Funded by Danish Red Cross and I tell you, better stay home at night if you’re a stranger there.

We Cuyonons abroad feel the same way about our town these days. That’s why we’re always saying something here hoping to preserve it. That’s all we can do here, to discuss such things hoping to make a little difference.

To my Kasimanua, your thoughts counts here. Thanks in advance.

Read Mike’s full report here. and see his pics of Cuyo here.

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