Comment Received

Got this comment from katrina and she sez…

hi, i read your blog. Im katrina tamparong from la salle university. im doing a report on Cuyonin on nov 11. by any chance, would you have anything online that i could possibly include in my report? like cuyunin songs? or dances? or pictures? it would really help ) please email me if you have time, thanks )

katrina tamparong

Unfortunately none! I’m so sorry Katrina. I appreciate your time, but I will try my best to post more about Cuyo depending on the volume of your request.

2 thoughts on “Comment Received

  1. jose "rodriguez" barcelon

    hi, i dont know if katrina can read this, i rmember my garndfathe saying to a tagalog friend saying cuyonin.. “there is no such word as cuyunin, only cuyunon, you wouldnt like me calling a tagalog “tagalig” would you?”


  2. bagasay

    katrina, wish i knew about cuyopress earlier, i could have helped in any way i can. if you are still interested, pls. send your email address and i’ll get in touch with you.

    i agree with mr. jose rodriguez barcelon regarding cuyonon. apo ka manda ni judge rodriguez. he would never talk in tagalog kung aelaman na nga cuyonon anang kaampang.



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